A campaign set in the campaign world of Mystara which focuses on the journey of several PCs, each from different backgrounds but who are linked to each other in unexpected ways

The campaign follows an “accidental” party initially consisting of five PCs who could variously be described as sailors, soldiers, sorcerers, thieves, gypsies and diplomats on a journey that starts in the islands of the Minrothad Guilds on the deck of the Silver Dolphin. Though mostly strangers at the start, each PC had encountered two of the others prior to boarding the Silver Dolphin, and as they continue to travel together and stumble into adventure new connections reveal themselves.

PCs have come and gone, but both obvious and hidden connections continue to ripple through the party as the adventure continues.

(This campaign was started in 2001 originally for the D&D 3.0 rules and upgraded to D&D 3.5E when that version was released. It ran until 2008 when the “Real Life Monster” reared it’s ugly head and the game went on a period of hiatus until early 2013 when it was converted to PFRPG and restarted)

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor, Diplomat, Gypsy, Sorcerer, Thief

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