Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor, Diplomat, Gypsy, Sorcerer, Thief

Engaging Events
Wherein the characters are invited to an engagement party on the southeastern shore of Lake Amsorak

Session Date: March 16, 2013
In Game Date: Nytdain, Ambyrmont 12 to Loshdain, Ambyrmont 13 [year?]

Darokin Diplomat Bertram Mattwick is invited by an old friend Lord Gustav Vandevic to visit and attend a full day celebration in honour of the betrothal of their niece, Laina Vandevic. The celebration will be held at their manor (which is located on the south eastern shore of Lake Amsorak) on Loshdain, Ambyrmont 13, and will include a fighting skills tourney, an afternoon tea, a banquet and a formal masquerade ball. All guests are invited to arrive a day or two early and stay a day or two longer as desired.

Deciding to attend, he informs his daughter, Cassia, that he will be bringing her along as she is of an age with Laina. Shortly after receiving the invitation Sharlyn, a cousin of his wife’s, comes to visit. He asks if she would also like to attend the event as, as he will now be Sharlyn’s escort he asks Tanen, his assistant, to also attend as Cassia’s escort. They head out from Darokin City with plans to arrive the day before the main celebration on Nytdain, Ambrymont 12.

Coincidentally, and unbeknownst to Cassia or Tanen, Cian has been hired by Lord Vandevic, along with two accompanists, to perform at the event (Cian has made a significant name for himself among the musical performing community of Darokin City and thus comes highly recommended). He arrives at the manor house two days early so that he has an opportunity to scope out the site and confirm performance plans with the Lord. He is surprised when he sees Bert Mattwick’s carriage pull up at Vandevichy manor, but once he realizes that Cassia has also come, he quickly arranges to find her and let her know he’s around.

Lyneek and Kadan have been adventuring together for a short while and are attempting to cross Lake Amsorak in search of more adventure when a terrible storm comes up and forces the ship they are passengers on to come aground on the south eastern shore, at the foot of the cliffs where Vandevichy Manor is built. Seeing the floundering ship coming in, several of the Vandevic servants run down the path to to the shoreline to meet and assist them. They and the three crew members of the ship are given rooms in the guest house and invited to stay and even participate in the celebrations until the weather clears up enough to take care of their ship which, having taken some damage coming into shore, is now listing to one side. The crew members accept the room and board but decline to attend the celebration. Kadan and Lineek are unsure at first, but then Tanen comes along and quickly realizes that Lineek is actually his cousin from Alfheim with whom he spent much time when he was sent to live with his family clan for several years. Once Lineek decides to join the celebration with his cousin Kadan quickly follows suit.


Dallying in Darokin City
Wherein the PCs spend several months in Darokin City

Session Date: n/a
In Game Date: between [?] and Nytdain, Ambyrmont 12, [year?]

Finally reaching Darokin city, the party took a lengthy, and much needed break from travelling…

Alisandro spent a few weeks in town while the group found a buyer for the parts they had harvested from the Red Wyrmling Dragon they killed and worked out how to split up the remaining spoils of their last adventure. Shortly after that he announced that he had to leave town to complete a delivery as part of his courier job for the government of the Minrothad Guilds (his claim was that he had picked up a package from the Minrothad embassy in Athenos which needed to be delivered to someone in Akorros). He didn’t know where his job might take him after that, but he said he would check in at Bertram Mattwick’s manor the next time he came through Darokin city. The rest of the party has not seen him since.

Andrinor also stayed in Darokin until after treasure division was determined and then bid the rest of the party goodbye. His plan had always been to return to his family home which is near Akesoli on the far western edge of lake Amsorak. He extended an open invitation to the group to visit if they were ever out that way.

Cassia stayed at her father’s manor where she was doted on and spoiled terribly. He or his servants did what they could to meet her every need and then some. He had high quality clothes of all kinds made for her (from fancy frippery to sturdy travelling clothes) and encouraged her to join him at many society events, where he introduced her to Darokin society and several of the more eligible bachelors.

When she wasn’t being “daddy’s little girl” Cassia spent much of her time exploring the city and it’s immediate environs, frequently in the company of Cian Ionescu.

After treasure division was completed, Cian located a silver-quality inn with an owner willing to give him room and board in exchange for playing each evening. He then spent the next several weeks working his musical skill in order to build up a regular audience and a bit of a following. As his name spread he met and befriended several other local musicians and would soon find himself joining up with two or more at various times for the purpose of playing at different social events. Beginning around the middle of Felmont, he and a few of his regular partners had become popular enough that they would get invited to play at events hosted by members of the upper crust with family manors located one or two nights journey outside of Darokin city itself.

When he wasn’t being a dashing young gypsy musician, Cian spent time carefully wooing Cassia Mattwick Manre and the two are now effectively a couple (though no one has explicitly mentioned this fact to Cassia’s father)

Tanen had returned to Darokin city to be assigned to his next job with the Darokin Diplomatic Corps. After their first night back in town he reported to the DDC headquarters and spent some time explaining why he had arrived even later than his mentor from the Darokin embassy in Minrothad had expected. His higher-ups were somewhat skeptical and so he was assigned lodging and told to come in and work on filing tasks until his story had been corroborated.

24 hours later, Tanen was brought before a tribunal who explained that, after a lengthy visit with Senior Diplomat Bertram Mattwick and speaking with his daughter Cassia and other individuals currently staying there, the decision had been made to commended Tanen for his various actions on his journey from Minrothad. However, he was also advised that he would be wise to remember that punctuality was a critical attribute for members of the DDC to cultivate. He was then directed to present himself to Diplomat Mattwick who had explicitly requested that Tanen be assigned to his team as a junior diplomat.

A New Direction
Picking up from where we left off and heading in a new direction

I’ve decided to give Obsidian Portal a go for managing my once-D&D-3E-converted-to-PFRPG campaign.

I hope to eventually be able to toss in some of the background information from the earlier campaign but I will start by putting up new information about the campaign going forward.

If you have any suggestions or requests about what you’d like to see here let me know. (I’ve signed up as an “Ascended” member so this campaign will have full access to all possible Obsidian Portal features).


A Prelude to Adventure
Wherein we are introduced to the personae dramatis

About The Characters

Alisandro Manre (Rich D.)

Male Water Elf; Rog 0.5/ Wiz 0.5 @ 1st level

  • Alisandro works for a Minrothad Government Guild as a Courier under his uncle Evram Manre.
  • The day before setting sail for Darokin he is promoted to “macau” standing (second caste in the guilds, one step up from “okeen”, or apprentice level, standing).
  • Evram hands him a Government delivery, which needs to go somewhere in Darokin and tells him to catch the first available ship there.


  • Manre, Cassia Mattwick: Alisandro knows Cassia because her mother is his cousin, and because “every” water elf knows about her aspirations to become a member of the Elendaen Guild.
  • Chossum, Tanen: Alisandro has met Tanen once or twice when Tanen was on duty in the Front Office of the Darokin Mission and Alisandro needed to deliver or pick up packages.

Andrinor (Ron)

Male Human; Ftr 1 @ 1st level

  • Andrinor is the son of a Darokin Merchant family from the Akasoli region.
  • Not interested in the ins and outs of buying and selling, he decided to join the Darokin army, looking for adventure. Instead he found himself surrounded by “namby pamby” rapier and pike wielders.
  • After his unexciting four-year stint with the army, he bought himself a bastard sword, crossbow and a breastplate and decided to try his hand as a mercenary caravan guard.
  • Two years later, in Thyatis he decides he’s had enough and hops a ship heading for Darokin. Unfortunately, it is shipwrecked, but a Minrothad Merchant ship saves him. This strands him in Minrothad over the winter, but he manages to get work as a member of the Home Guard.


  • Ionescu, Cian: A few weeks after Andrinor is hired as a member of the Home Guard he happens across Cian busking on the streets of the Lower City without a guild mark. However, instead of dragging him into the Enforcer’s headquarters for breaking the law, he lets the boy know that he should visit the embassies to register and then get licensed by the Entertainers Guild.
  • Manre, Cassia Mattwick: The night before Andrinor is due to set sail back to Darokin (just around the time that ships start sailing again), he goes out with some of his Home Guard buddies for one last “night on the town”. At the tavern, he happens to meet Cassia, who is celebrating the start of her Elendaen yr Enaid

Manre, Cassia Mattwick (Kris)

Female Human (with Water Elf ancestry); SRgr 1 @ 1st level

  • A human who is descended from the Water Elf clan (her grandmother was a Water Elf), her mother, Nerine Manre (also a human descended from Water Elves) is the captain of a Minrothad Merchant Ship while her father, Mattwick, Bertram, is a human and a member of the Darokin Diplomatic Corps
  • Member of the Elendaen Guild (Sea Rangers) of Minrothad (part of the Water Family Guild, Guild Elsan)
  • Is sent on a “Sea Challenge” (an under- and over-water obstacle course) and her success results in her official recognition as a “macau” of the Elendaen Guild (second caste in the guild, one step up from “okeen”, or apprentice level, standing).
  • She is told it is now time for her to begin her Elendaen yr Enaid (Ocean Path of the Soul). They say they know she will return when “the time is right”, when she will become a “first-year”.
  • She decides to catch a ship heading for Darokin so that she can visit her father, whom she hasn’t seen in some time, before heading off wherever her path takes her.


  • Alisandro: Cassia knows Alisandro because he is her mother’s cousin. She is also aware that there was some sort of scandal involving him and the Tutorial guild (something about getting kicked out or something…)
  • Andrinor: The night before she’s due to leave, she goes out for a “night of celebration” and meets Andrinor at the tavern.

Ionescu, Cian (Derek)

Male Human (Traladaran Rom); Rog 1 @ 1st level

  • Cian is an itinerant minstrel who was raised by Traladaran Gypsies.
  • He has wandered much of the Continent of the Known world, primarily Eastern Darokin, Karameikos, Thyatis, and Ylaruam.
    He finds himself stranded in Minrothad over the winter season and makes do primarily by busking – which is difficult, given the strict guild licensing requirements, though he does spend time on each of the main islands. Due to the red tape he needs to get involved with, it doesn’t take long for him to decide he’s seen as much of the Minrothad guilds as he needs to.
  • He makes sure he’s back in Minrothad City just around the time ships start setting sail in earnest. He ends up flirting with the “wrong girl” and gets into a bit of a bind as a result. In order to avoid potential “future complications” he decides to sail wherever the first ship he can get passage on will take him. He does, of course, end up on the ship ultimately headed for Darokin that the other PCs are on.


  • Andrinor: Cian is busking on the streets of the Minrothad Sea Port, his first day on the island, when an Enforcer who doesn’t seem to be a local himself, advises him that he needs to register and get licensed to play on the street. This happens to be Andrinor.
  • Chossum, Tanen: Cian meets Tanen at the Darokin Mission when he goes to register as an Alfheim National.

Chossum, Tanen (Rich W.)

Male Elf; Ftr 1 @ 1st level

  • A Darokin Elf with strong roots in Alfheim, he is a member of the DDC.
  • He has spent the last two years in the Minrothad Mission on “practicum”, and will soon be heading back to Darokin with his Instructor and a fellow student to find out where his first official five-year posting will be.


  • Ionescu, Cian: Tanen meets Cian when he is on duty at the front office of the Darokin Mission, the day that the last ship comes into port. He recalls Cian because of the fact that he is a human who claimed to be a National of Alfheim.
  • Alisandro: Tanen meets Alisandro the first time when Alisandro comes in to pick up a package that was brought in to the front office. Tanen remembers this because it was decidedly odd to have a package left for pickup rather than dropped off for delivery. Also the courier had a monkey with him that he called Thincol (the name of the Thyatian Emperor).

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